Captain care receives an ASPCA grant

As Captain Care starts into our second year, we are so grateful to all of you for making this donor-based, all-volunteer, nonprofit program work.

We have grown because we have had help from this FaceBook community to support our goals of keeping more dogs and cats out of the shelter system through:

  1. bailing out pets to return to owners,
  2. surrender prevention by providing low-income owners with vet care, pet food, temporary boarding, and other needs so the pets can stay at home, and
  3. our new adoption sponsorship program ASAP to give the overlooked shelter dogs and cats a better chance for adoption.

In recognition of this work, and to expand it, the national ASPCA has just recognized Captain Care with a $5000 one-year grant for the purpose of expanding what we do at the Carson Shelter! We will always be a donor-based program; these funds are for increased intervention work, not to support the current level of work we are doing and must continue doing.

The community remains the only way we can maintain the current program. The new grant funds will allow us to help keep more dogs at home by expanding the vet care, spay/neuter, vaccination help, and pet food help programs for the low-income Carson communities.

Your continuing support will make it possible for us keep bailing out the dogs and cats and supporting them for adoption sponsorship. We are so grateful to you all, and so grateful to all our volunteers.

We are also grateful to the ASPCA for recognizing what you, this community, has made possible in just one year. Thank you all!

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