Who We Are

Captain Care Shelter Intervention is an all-volunteer, donation-based non profit organization. We focus on the Carson Shelter service area (Los Angeles County, Gardena, CA) which serves low-income communities in Southern California, to bring help and pet care support to members of those communities. We rely on private, foundation, and corporate donations.

We are a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 81-2015973.  All donations are tax deductible.

What We Do

Is it making a difference? Yes!

Looking at the numbers since July, 2013 (the date Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page started), we see a continuing, marked decline in the percent killed at Carson, the shelter we focus on. The shelter is almost always at capacity, so this decline is not because of a decrease in the need for rescue and prevention of surrender. In July 2013 almost 60% of the dogs in the shelter were killed. Due to a higher number of dogs surrendered during the summer months, we see an uptick in the percent killed during that time , but the steady decline in that percentage tells us the hard work of Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, the networkers, all of you who share, pledge, tag, and donate, and Captain Care Intervention ALL working together are making a HUGE difference to the lives saved at the Carson Shelter. It’s working, and we can continue to make it work better!

Contribute and deliver a miracle to a pet in need