RIP March, 2014.  And in the end you WERE loved and are always remembered and honored here.


Loved at the end by many special friends.   2000 – May 17, 2014.  In memory of Eve from Carson, who opened our eyes.  — Jill


1999-2014.  We found each other at GSP rescue when you were 9. I figured we’d have a couple of good years together–we had SIX FABULOUS years together. Miss you every day.  –— Jill


2004-2012.  We got you from a high-kill shelter, and lymphoma took you away too soon. But you set the standard for hound rescue and rehabilitation, and taught me more than any other dog I’ve had.  –— Jill


I adopted you when you were just 10 weeks old from the Southern, CA Humane Society. You were my first dog  I love you til this day, my little terrier. Thank you for saving me and showing me how to love unconditionally. — Teresa


Rest in Peace.  2000 –  Mar 10, 2015.  We love you Roxy.  You have been a great server and we miss and love you.  Sleep in Heaven our precious Roxy. –Lawrence


RIP kitty.  1995- Mar 6, 2015


2004 – Mar  6, 2015  Descanza en paz.


1999-2014.  RIP sweet girl.  You were loved and still are.


Tiny Princess

2015.  You were loved.  We are sorry we could not save you.  Run free.  Descanza en paz, little one.



2002- June 1, 2015. Owner surrender in 2003 to East Valley Shelter —> German Shepherd Rescue in Burbank —> West Hollywood.

Viking was handsome, nosy, and always up for an adventure…a few of which caused problems..oh, like when he got stuck underneath 2 houses, or when he almost jumped off the roof to get to me on the ground (had jumped thru a window on second story), or when he found himself on the wrong side of a 2nd floor balcony railing, or when….etc. He loved going for car rides, was obsessed over food, hated spraying water, and was equally happy playing or sleeping. But seeing – and more importantly, chasing – a squirrel was the BEST THING EVER. Viking, I miss you so, so much. RIP, my best friend. Or rather, run free with Nike and play with tennis balls.

Sweet MJ

Sweet MJMJ

Rest in Peace MJ.  11/13/12-2/23/16 Mj was a runt no one wanted her but I saw something very special in her, I did everything I could to make her feel my love for her. she was my super girl she was an explorer never afraid of anything a rebel u can say but I could never b mad at her she was such a love bug she stood everyone’s heart. She will forever be my baby girl I’ll miss her dearly I love her forever

Remembering Sweet Webster

To My Buddy, My Pal, My Friend
Thanks for the companionship for the past 10 years. Hope we meet again in our next life. I’ll miss tossing you the ball and watching you catch; going for our morning walks together; and, for you catching me by my shirt sleeve and pulling and dragging me out of my easy chair so that we could get our exercise.
You were the best! Love you always

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