Bridget and London Go Home

UPDATE 4/28. And the family is back together! Bridget was bailed out this evening!

We had $128 in donations left for Bridget and the total fines/fees were $177, paid by Captain Care. If you can help us with this $49 shortfall, please PayPal us at . With your help we can help more dogs get out and stay out of the shelter system.

UPDATE. HALF OF THIS LITTLE DUO IS HOME! London got to go home late this afternoon because she had been spayed. Bridgett will get out tomorrow! The total for London was $132. The owner paid 90 and Captain Care paid 55. London got her lovely make over from Leslie the Groomer this evening!

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LITTLE SENIOR PAIR NEEDS TO GO HOME. The gate blew open in the rain storm last night, and Bridgett (age 11, #‎A4822677) and London (age 9, #‎A4822676) took a walk to the park this morning when they were let out. A good Samaritan called animal control and these two little seniors ended up at the Carson Shelter. Because their shots had lapsed, the fines and fees for both total $294. The low-income owner has $90. Captain Care also has a grooming offer from our wonderful groomer volunteer, Leslie Moore (at All Star Pet Resort, 310-749-0160 and 310-320-7779). Please give Leslie your grooming business to thank her for helping Captain Care dogs. To help these seniors get back home, please contribute so we can bail them out tomorrow afternoon and keep them safe. PayPal is We need to have $204 to be able to get them out for the owner tomorrow. Thank you.

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