Kenai and Koda, best friends stay together.

AND THESE TWO SWEETHEARTS ARE SAFE AND HOME NOW! The family had enough funds to bail out Kenai ($182). Captain Care bailed out Koda for $154. We received donations for a total of $60. Please consider helping us break even on returning this lovely pup to his family, and keeping this bonded pair together. We need help to keep doing this! The receipt for Koda is posted in the comments along with the freedom pictures! Thank you.

YOUR LUCKY DAY: TWO-FOR-ONE SALE AT CAPTAIN CARE! FAMILY OF TWO NEEDS TO GO HOME! Koda, the husky #‎A4817706 and Kenai the German shepherd #‎A4817713 are both about three years old. They got out through a gate with a broken latch, which is now being fixed. Fortunately, they ended up safely at the Carson Shelter today, and their family immediately came for them. However, this very low-income family can’t afford the total fees for both dogs, a total of $344. This includes their neuters, vaccinations, chips, and fines. The neuters will be done tomorrow, 4/14. In the meantime, we hope to be able to raise enough donations to help the family bail these sweethearts out together tomorrow and get them home, out of the shelter. If you can help, PayPal is This is your lucky day indeed: two-for-one sale at Captain Care / Capitán Cuidado Intervention

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