Tiny Rambo goes home!

UPDATE! TINY RAMBO IS HOME! Tonight this puppy was reunited with his very loving and very grateful dad. He is limping a little, but seems fine. Captain Care was able to get the fines reduced to $254, and dad paid half. Your donations totaled $100 and we paid out $127. If there are any other angel donors waiting to help, we would like to break even on this intervention so we can continue to help more dogs and cats. The receipt and freedom photos are posted here and in Tiny Rambo’s new freedom thread! One dog at a time, intervention works to save lives and keep pets at home where they belong! PayPal is captaincare@sonic.net

TINY RAMB0 HAS A BIG NAME, BIG PROBLEM. Help Rambo the puppy go home. ID #‎A4820628. A visiting relative left a door open and Tiny Rambo ran out. He got lost and then was hit by a car and ended up in the Carson Shelter, where he received vet treatment. His loving family wants him home, but the fees and fines have become too high because of the vet care he needed. Total needed $312. They will be able to pay part of this. Can you help us raise the funds to bail this poor scared puppy out so he can return home? PayPal is captaincare@sonic.net Receipt and freedom pictures will be posted as soon as we can raise the funds. Thank you. Intervention works, one dog at a time.


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